All of our trims are ex-designer deadstock, i.e. leftover stock after a designer has finished sampling or producing a collection. We source them directly from the designers and they are exclusively available in limited quantities. 
All trims are sold in 1m increments and prices are per 1m.
86 results
White Herringbone Elastic 38mm
Shindo Red Mesh Binder Elastic 40mm
Shindo Grey Mesh Binder Elastic 40mm
Shindo White Mesh Binder Elastic 30mm
Only 2 left!
Shindo White Mesh Binder Elastic 20mm
Only 4 left!
Ruby Satin Elastic 26mm
Only 5 left!
Christopher Kane Elastic 28mm
Only 4 left!
Black Extra Wide Strong Elastic 75mm
Navy Elastic 28mm
Sapphire Elastic 47mm
Emerald Elastic 45mm
Only 3 left!
Neon Pink Elastic 30mm
Shindo Cobalt Elastic 28mm
Shindo Buttercup Elastic 24mm
Sherbert Plush Elastic 30mm
Rose Plush Elastic 30mm
Lemon Plush Elastic 30mm
Black Plush Elastic 25mm
White Plush Elastic 25mm
Black Elastic 5mm
White Elastic 5mm
White Elastic 12mm
Olive Sequin Elastic Trim 8mm
Only 3 left!
Purple Sequin Elastic Trim 8mm
Ruby Sequin Elastic Trim 8mm
Merlot Sequin Elastic Trim 8mm
Black Sequin Elastic Trim 8mm
Only 2 left!
Navy Bra Findings Kit
Storm Blue Bra Findings Kit
Ice Pink Bra Findings Kit
Burnt Orange Bra Findings Kit
Crimson Bra Findings Kit
White Bra Findings Kit
Black Bra Findings Kit
White Scalloped Stretch Lace Trim
Black Scalloped Stretch Lace Trim
Only 5 left!
86 results
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