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Indigo Double Wool Crepe
Slate Stretch Wool Crepe
Indigo Heavy Wool and Silk Twill
Pink Laurent Garigue Wool Crepe
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Grey Double Faced Wool Coating
Black Double Wool Crepe
Maurier Check Wool Linen and Silk Suiting
Austen Houndstooth Check Wool Coating
Brontë Houndstooth Wool Coating
Woolf Diamond Wool Coating
Shelley Burgundy Check Wool Coating
Potter Lavender Herringbone Wool Coating
Angelou Bouclé Wool Coating
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Alcott Tartan Wool Coating
Butler Sapphire Jacquard Wool Coating
Plath Sapphire Herringbone Stretch Wool
Hurston Midnight Check Wool Coating
Lilac Cotton Tweed
Neptune Metallic Tweed
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Elstree Wool and Cotton Jacquard
Tonnbridge Check Wool Crepe
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Harrop White Bouclé Tweed
Coniston Wool Coating
Windermere Houndstooth Wool Coating
Lake Stretch Check
Bracken Gabardine Wool
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Purple Colour Block Stripe Wool Sateen
Only 4 left!
Sunflower Super 100 Double Faced Wool Sateen
Only 2 left!
Peacock Super 100 Double Faced Wool Sateen
Ivory Super 100 Double Faced Wool Sateen
Only 2 left!
Black Super 100 Double Faced Wool Sateen
Dusky Blue Lightweight Textured Wool Sateen
Cinnamon Stretch Wool Twill
Biscuit Stretch Wool Twill
Burren Wool Melton
Skellig Bouclé Knit Wool Coating
61 results
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