What is deadstock?

We only sell true designer deadstock fabrics. These fabrics have been leftover after a designer has finished sampling or producing their collection and would otherwise go to waste. This is true deadstock. Fabrics are sometimes described elsewhere as 'deadstock' when they're what we would actually call 'overstock'. Overstock is when excess fabric is produced by a manufacturer in the knowledge that they will sell it. This fabric is sold through either the manufacturer or a wholesaler. Our fabrics are only ever bought directly from the designers and are truly leftover fabrics. 

Our haberdashery items are all also deadstock, sourced from the same designers as our fabrics, with the exception of our Gutermann Recycled Threads.

The majority of the designers we source from are in London which also means there is very little transport needed to get it to our studio. 

As we source our fabrics in this way there is only ever a limited amount of each fabric and they tend to sell out quickly. We upload new fabrics twice a week on a Thursday and Sunday at 6pm.

If you have any questions about how we source our fabrics feel free to drop us a message at studio@thenewcrafthouse.com, we'd love to hear from you and want to be fully transparent with our sourcing processes.

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