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PFAFF Universal Needles Size 80
PFAFF Universal Needles 10 Pack Sizes 70-90
PFAFF Stretch Needles Size 90/14
PFAFF Microtex Needles Sizes 60-80
PFAFF Denim Needles
PFAFF Leather Needles
PFAFF Overlock Needles Size 90
Inspira Ballpoint Needles Size 60-80
PFAFF Bobbins 10 Pack K
PFAFF Bobbins 10 Pack J
PFAFF Invisible Zipper Foot
PFAFF Rolled Hem Foot 3mm
Only 2 left!
PFAFF Bias Binder
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PFAFF Piping Foot
Only 4 left!
PFAFF Gathering Foot
Only 3 left!
PFAFF Perfect 1/4 Inch Foot with Guide
Only 5 left!
PFAFF Five Groove Pintuck Foot
Only 1 left!
PFAFF Pintuck Blade
Only 3 left!
PFAFF Opposable Curved Tweezers
Only 4 left!
PFAFF Easy Snips
Only 2 left!
PFAFF 8" Bent Trimmer Scissors
Only 1 left!
PFAFF Safety Stiletto
Only 4 left!
PFAFF Seam Ripper
Only 4 left!
PFAFF 6" Appliqué Scissor
Only 2 left!
PFAFF 6" Right Handed Appliqué Scissor
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