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Metallic Leopard Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
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Tango Rocket Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
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Blue Stretch Cotton Sparkle Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Blue and White Diamond Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
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Black Rose Cloqué (Ex-Designer)
White and Pink Floral Tapestry Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
White Crinkle Cloqué (Ex-Designer)
Black Floral Cloqué (Ex-Designer)
Shimmery Pink Speckled Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
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Indian Jacquard Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
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Purple Silver Spot Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Gold Sparkle Brocade (Ex-Designer)
Red and White Spot Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Pink and Green Spot Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Black and White Sparkle Stretch Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Gold Floral Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
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Pink Stretch Cotton Sparkle Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Gold Floral Brocade (Ex-Designer)
Gold and Silver Floral Brocade (Ex-Designer)
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Ivory Rose Cloqué (Ex-Designer)
Blue Rose Cloqué (Ex-Designer)
Pink and Cream Floral Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Gold and Blue Royal Embossed Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Grey and Cream Floral Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
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