Type of Fabric

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Blue Gingham Cotton (Ex-Designer)
Blue and Green Check Cotton (Ex-Designer)
Double Faced Navy Brushed Wool (Ex-Designer)
Pink Sprinkle Cotton (Ex-Designer)
Stretch Wool Seersucker (Ex-Designer)
Sky Blue Ripstop (Ex-Designer)
Double Faced Dove Grey Wool (Ex-Designer)
Dark Grey Felted Wool (Ex-Designer)
White Laminated Net Cotton (Ex-Designer)
Copper Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Light Blue Fine Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Blue Jeans Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Pink Pearl Silk Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Blue Satin (Ex-Designer)
Green Stripe Paper Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Sea Green Stripe Satin Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Blue Breeze Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Elephant Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Dusty Purple Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Green Grey Striped Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Pink Satin (Ex-Designer)
White Silk Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Blue Silk Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Grey Spot Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Green Spot Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Cream Hexagon Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Pink Hexagon Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Green Hexagon Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Mint Cangiante Taffeta (Ex-Designer)
Opal Green Satin (Ex-Designer)
Latte Satin (Ex-Designer)
Grey and Cream Floral Jacquard (Ex-Designer)
Yellow to Black Sunburst (Ex-Designer)
Silver Chainmail Pleat (Ex-Designer)
Kona Cotton Solids Stratosphere
Kona Cotton Solids Cloud
Kona Cotton Solids Cloud
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291 results
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